Forget your problems.  Lay down inside of your innocence of what you are  
Is What I want. I bring my colors. Drip down and drained out 
Tried a million things. 
But my hearts been shy... Well I hope you try and find me. 

I'm most tired of pacing and I know what you want to say. So say it.
Forget the words speak it just want to rearrange: 
So I just say it 
I really miss you. Miss you. Say. 
Smile at the chance just to see you again 
I really miss you miss you say .

Beat stroking this like things I think are right . I never knew I could go as far as this, I took your problem greasly and forgot him.  
I know who I had been before I slipped. Oh I want to change it .
I will live a life that makes you smile, when I'm done here in long long... 
Fever is peaking just want to see your face. Oh what cha say, what cha say? 

I really miss you, miss you. Say. 
Smile at the chance to just see you again. I really miss you miss you say, so look at me now, before I walk away. You might just miss me miss me. 
((((((((((((One day)))))))))))))